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Introducing to you the Future Females Foundation, the non-profit arm of Future Females. 

We are just over a year old, and wow what a year it has been. Before telling you what we’ve done thus far and what we’re still going to do - let’s start off by telling you who we are, and why we exist.


The Future Females Foundation is a non-profit organisation that focuses on empowering women around the world by fighting for an end to gender-based violence and discrimination. We work on both the preventative side as well as the protective. Why do we exist? We envision a world where women are treated equally, with respect and dignity. Our mission is to decrease violence against women while empowering them to be who and what they what to be. 

What have we done so far?  

  • We have taken part in the 16 days of activism and held our own virtual
  • We have also joined other scheduled protests
  • We partnered up with an Indonesian start-up, Seed for Children, which tackles child sexual abuse through gamification
  • We launched our Inspiration Series - a series of workshops designed to inspire survivors of domestic abuse
  • Recently, we hosted our first ever online event, the Empowered Summit, with over 3000 registrants.  

What are we planning for the future? We are in the process of building a Safehouse. Our Empowered Summit supported our vision to establish a safehouse where women can receive professional trauma counselling and skills development, and restore their confidence and trust in humanity. 

We have done a lot in the past year, but we are nowhere near done. Follow us on Instagram  and LinkedIn to keep up to date.

Click here  for information from Philippa Dods, director of Future Females Fondation, on what we can do to end gender-based violence. 

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